Commercial Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Options

Commercial heating is an essential part of any business. Keeping your clients cool in summer and warm during winter months, not only gives a good first impression but can affect repeat business. It also makes a more ergonomic workplace for your employees.

HVAC began in 1902 standing on the shoulders of several inventors, the combination of their discoveries became the air conditioning system. Each component of HVAC is essential in the correlated effort to provide quality atmosphere inside any commercial space. Dependent upon the size of the business, the correct output unit should be installed by professional commercial heating repair San Rafael CA.

Heating Systems

Heating is the least expensive of the HVAC axis. Installing a heating unit in your commercial building is more efficient and safe compared the heating options of the past. There are 7 types of heating components to consider: water circulation, steam boiler, heat pumps, forced air furnace, solar heating, electric resistance, and biomass systems. Each system type has pros and cons based on your needs, the region you are located, and amount of heat loss through windows, doors, and insufficient insulation.

Ventilation Systems

There are 4 types of ventilation systems: exhaust, supply, balanced, and energy recovery/ heat recovery ventilators. Each system type has pros and cons based on the needs and the size of the space to be ventilated. The exhaust system does not work well in hot and humid climates and can pull in pollutants. The supply system does not work well in cold climates and can cause moisture problems by not removing moisture from the incoming air.

Air Conditioning Systems

There are 5 types of air conditioning (or air cooling) systems: central air conditioning, room air conditioners, evaporative coolers, ductless mini-split air conditioners, and state of the art cooling. Each system has pros and cons based on the needs and the size of the space to be cooled.

The state of the art cooling is new on the market and offers three options. Night Breeze is designed for warm dry climates. It’s a modern version of the whole house fan, utilizing the air conditioner to kick on when the temp needs a boost of cooling. Coolerado Cooler is an indirect evaporative cooling system using only a fraction of the energy of conventional units. Thermal Energy Storage is a reinvented icebox. By using ice stored at night, the system then uses the ice during the day to cool the property.

The systems are complex. There are many options to choose from that are a far cry from the systems from the past. More efficient, less pollutant, and cost-effective are all good for commercial bottom lines. Comfort and air quality are essential for business. The atmosphere you create for clients and employees can make the difference in the relationships you form. Whether you are updating your system, replacing an old one, or want something more environmentally friendly call a professional who will assist in choosing what’s right for you and your business.