Swimming Pool Construction in Maryland

Your home with all its amenities gives your family a place to unwind and relax on a daily basis. Many times, that includes an entertainment setup that includes a backyard with a swimming pool. If you are still waiting to make that amenity a part of your family’s available options, it is time to consider contacting pool construction Annapolis MD

Pool Permits

Each locality usually requires that the homeowner obtain a pool permit before construction begins. When you pick up your application for the pool construction, you will need to provide a plot plan, which indicates the distance from the house and property line(setback). The plot plan will show the dimensions of the actual pool as well. There will probably be a fee for the permit as well that will be based on the size of the pool. You will have to be mindful of the distance from septic tanks and septic fields in addition to the location of the house and the property lines.

Types of In-ground Swimming Pools

1) Fiberglass-fiberglass pools are constructed in less time than other types of pools. The fiberglass finish resists algae better than gunite or concrete pools. Fiberglass pools expand the options for the shape of your pool.

2) Concrete-Concrete pools allow the homeowner a wide variety of shapes and pool features. Before the concrete is poured the rebar is sprayed pneumatically to any shape. Features can easily be added to a concrete pool, features like grottos, waterfalls and sun shelves.

3) Vinyl-Lined-A vinyl lining is vacuumed over the top of galvanized steel, wood or plastic panels. These very durable liners have a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years.

4) Aluminum Walled-Aluminum is often used for semi-in-ground pools and above ground pools.

5) Steel Walled-This type of in-ground pool is often warranties for life and is composed of wall panels and braces that are galvanized and corrosion resistant.

Features to Add to Your Swimming Pool

When you are designing your swimming pool, there are some amenities you might like to add. These amenities will make your pool that much more inviting for members of the family of all ages. One desirable feature that may appeal to you is the tanning edge which could also serve as a kiddy pool because it will have shallow waters surrounded by a ledge separating it from the deeper depths of the pool. A custom spa is another consideration; it features a hot tub offering a great way to unwind after stressful day at work. Deck Jets add a wonderful play of water especially if highlighted by night light around the pool. The fire pit is another option that could make the pool a great entertainment spot. It can be located on a raised platform and add warmth on a late-night swim.

Having a swimming pool constructed could be the difference between you having a good home and having the perfect home. A pool designed to fit the needs and wants of your family could add great value to the meaning of home sweet home.