Texas, Here Five Signs Your Home May Have an Electrical Issue

Texas has had a string of electric fires lately. Electrical issues in homes often go unnoticed until something disastrous happens. In the case of faulty electrical components that disaster is often as severe as a house fire. Making sure that your home is electric-problem free can end up saving you big in the long run. Here are 5 sure-fire (no pun intended) signs that your home may have an electrical issue.

Smelly Smells

Smells are often the first sign of danger. The human nose has evolved over time to be able to sniff out danger. So, if you smell any funky smells coming from any of your outlets, unplug everything immediately and call an electrician. So, if you live in Texas, make sure you have a local electricians number, just in case some weird smells start coming out of your outlets or electric box. Electrical services Irving TX or Dallas, TX are great numbers to have ready at your disposal.

Horror House

Flickering lights happen occasionally, and usually, it’s no big deal. However, if there is a constantly flickering light, or worse, set of lights, in your home it may be a good idea to get an electrician out there. There are many ways that these flickering lights could be telltale signs of an electrical issue that you should check out sooner rather than later.


If you have an appliance that is sparking, it could be a particular issue with the appliance. However, if your fuse box or any outlet in your home is sparking, you have a big problem. If you notice any sparking immediately call a local electrician. This is serious and could lead to further electrical damage and even a potential fire.

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Heating Up

If your outlets or fuse box is giving off a lot of heat, you have a problem. If appliances are giving off lots of heat, you also have a problem. Sure, toasters and ovens are supposed to give off heat, but if that toaster burns to touch it may be a sign of an electrical issue. Any uncomfortably hot appliances or outlets need to be investigated immediately. Once again, call a local electrician out for this.


Our ears are another great sensor of danger. If you are hearing anything making a buzz or a high-pitched whine, you may have an electric issue. Make sure that you call an electrician if your outlets or fuse box is making some funny sounds, it could be faulty wiring.

Electric issues are never fun to deal with but staying vigilant in preventing them is a great way to avoid any danger associated with them. Never try to fix electric problems on your own. Always call a licensed electrician to come out and fix them for you. Remember, live electricity wires are dangerous. Electricity is nothing to play around with; it can seriously injure or hurt you. Don’t let house fires take down your property, take action and be vigilant Texans.