The Benefits of Installing A Foam Roof

Whenever you have a roof issue, one thing to keep in mind is make sure you call a professional roofer. They are aware of what roofing products are best for your type of roof. Repairing a roof can be expensive, so you want to make sure you use the right products and get the work done properly from the very start. Both small and large repairs are usually not expected and can have anyone dipping into their savings accounts to try to protect and save their shelter. If you can make a choice, ask your roofer if it would be any better in your case to try foam roofing. There are many advantages of foam roofing over traditional roofing. Foam roofing is seamless, flexible and sustainable.

Foam Roofing Is Seamless

The type of foam used for foam roofing is polyurethane foam. It is initially applied as a liquid and creates a single level membrane which covers the entire roof. It covers like a blanket with no seams or joints. Seams and joints are the places where most traditional roof tops have leaks. This fact alone makes me prefer foam roof coatings Las Vegas NV

Foam Is Flexible

The foam works like a miracle. It can be sprayed onto any surface, so if you ask your roofer about it and they say your roof is unfit for it, that might be for deeper reasons. Your roof shape does not matter, and any protrusions are covered nicely. The liquid nature of it is what gives it the flexibility. It can reach anywhere and cover as a single unit. Even though the liquid is usually sprayed, the elastomeric top coat can be applied by hand or power rollers.

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Foam Is Sustainable

Before the installation of a foam roof top there must be quite a bit of preparation. The roof top must be clean, dry, without contaminants such as oil and must be properly fastened to the substrate. Once the foam roof is installed and sealed, it requires very little upkeep and minor amounts of waste. The foam roof will have an indefinite lifespan and even though this type of roof is one of the more affordable types, you will see your money go far.


No matter what type of roof you get, make sure it comes with a warranty. The roof top is already expensive, you may as well pay the additional money to get your service and repairs covered for a while, in case of any natural disaster that may ruin your investment. When deciding about your roof, if you need something durable and affordable, remember to consider the foam roof top. It is seamless, flexible and sustainable. You won’t have buyer’s remorse and crossing fingers for every rain once you install a foam roof. Just make sure you get a trustworthy roofing company to complete the work. The bigger the company, the better the chance that you can get a solid warranty that will be honored for years to come.