The Five Second Rule Only Works on Laminate Floors

Ahh the quintessential 5 second rule. We all know that it is a myth and when your food hits the floor, no matter how clean you think it is, it must be discarded. Sad, but true. That tater tot has met its demise.

Gravity will always win, and when that plate of spaghetti slips from your hand and gravity takes over, your beautiful floor is at the ready. If you had an advanced laminate professionally installed that is. The laminate flooring of today is absolutely tough and absolutely beautiful and can handle anything it is subjected to.

We all love the beautiful natural materials used for flooring these day, slate; ceramic tile; natural hardwood; marble etc., however, many of those truly beautiful materials are delicate, and can be stained and damaged. They are also very expensive and difficult to maintain. Opting for all-natural flooring is, of course, very nice, but again, a floor has a specific job to do, and it ain’t pretty.

Floors have the hardest job to do on this good Earth. They take a tremendous beating every day and must be cleaned often and thoroughly with harsh chemicals and sometimes heavy-duty machinery. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a synthetic floor that looks every bit as beautiful as the actual natural materials you love, and be stronger and more durable than your kids themselves? Well, it’s true; there is a solution and the professional laminate installation services Cincinnati OH. can certainly prove it to you.

Floor laminates have been around for a long time and have grown and evolved like everything does. The advancements that we have all enjoyed in this wonderful, digital age are not limited to computers and cell phones. Advanced textile manufacturing has quietly kept up with demand for that great floor that we all take for granted. “How advanced?”, you ask? Well, a peek at this research will probably make you install a high quality laminate floor tomorrow. I don’t understand it either, but it is sure proof that it is serious business, and that plate of spaghetti never stood a chance at staining your beloved floor.

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The master installers of the beautiful Cincinnati and surrounding area of the Great Buckeye State ply their wares and skills for you. Building and installing great floors is an age old craft no matter how new and advanced the flooring material is. These craftsman can and will simply follow your commands and slap down that incredibly designed laminate before your very eyes and you will be polishing it and enjoying it in no time. The designs of these flooring laminates mimic nature so precisely, distinguishing them from the real thing can be an exercise in futility. Just enjoy them, and keep in mind that you have saved precious natural resources from being trodden upon; Trees!

Save a tree; don’t sacrifice a poor piece of slate to a cruel fate; The laminate floor is the bulwark under foot.