Tips to Help Choose Perfect Outdoor Storage Units

If you have some additional goods in your hands, you may need a storage unit to provide you with a secure space to keep your belongings, right? Quality facilities should be fully equipped to meet all the storage requirements. If you are looking for an excellent outdoor storage units Bellevue WA, this article will help you fulfill your dreams; continue reading.

The kind of storage

Well, before you begin looking for space, outline what its uses will be and how you’ll use it. For instance, an area for storing sofa while waiting to be moved will be different from space for keeping business files and other necessary documents. Knowing what your storage needs are, will help you choose a perfect storage space.

The access

Accessibility is another factor you cannot afford to forget when looking for an excellent storage unit. How quickly can you access your unit? Is there enough space around it? Answers to these questions will help you get a perfect storage facility. You need a storage space with doors that allows you and your items to enter without struggling. Any storage facility should have enough space around it to facilitate loading and unloading of goods. A storage unit with enough parking spaces can help you get into your dreams.

The location

How far is your storage unit from your business premises? You don’t have to travel several miles to your storage unit especially if there are several goods to be moved. In other words, choose a facility situated in easy to reach locations, and you’ll have an easy time when doing business. Choose a unit located close to your customers.

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Another thing you need to think about when looking for a storage facility is how safe your goods will be while there. You don’t need to store your products in places where they have high chances of being stolen. In other words, security should be at the top of your things-to-consider-list. A facility with functional CCTV cameras, alarms as well as sturdy padlocks can be most suitable for you.

Qualities of a perfect Storage Unit:

Climate-Controlled Units

Items such as books, paintings, and photos cannot withstand extreme weather as well as harsh atmospheric conditions. Any storage facility should be fitted with climate-controlled units to ensure the stored items remain in good condition throughout. Such units provide both humidity and temperature monitoring and control to make sure stored items are protected.

Flexible Leasing Options

Storage facilities with flexible leasing options can be appropriate for you especially if you are planning to move to a new living home but not sure when to move. Such facilities are also good for students waiting to move to their usual living hostels. Facilities that charge on a monthly basis are better than those that charge annually.


To choose the most suitable storage unit for your items, you need to know the type of storage you require depending on the products you have. A nice storage facility should have enough space around it to facilitate loading and unloading. A facility with climate-controlled units will ensure your products remain safe throughout the storage period.